A place of creation



 Welcome to Kirrit Barreet Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre.

Kirrit Barreet (meaning place of creation) is an art and cultural centre that exhibits high quality local and regional contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art and craft. The centre was established by the Ballarat Aboriginal community as a way to preserve cultural identity and educate non-Indigenous people about both Koorie culture and the local Wathaurong tribe.
Kirrit Barreet is also an education centre. Visitors to the Aboriginal owned and operated centre can enjoy educational tours, cultural talks, an art gallery, profiling Victorian Aboriginal artists and a retail shop stocking a wide variety of predominantly Aboriginal  Victorian arts and crafts, including an extensive bookshop and educational resources. Activities such as didgeridoo playing, boomerang painting and throwing are available.
We also have an indigenous plant garden and feature garden.


Conference facilities

At Kirrit Barreet we have two rooms available for meetings staff training, workshops etc.
Our Theatre Room is a private enclosed room that seats about 25 people.
Our conference room is an open plan room that overlooks our garden. This is a light and airy room that is detached from out main building that allows for privacy.

Catering is also available.
Please enquire about hire rates for each room.


 Entry to the centre is free and is open 7 days.