1. Living History Museum/ Keeping Place

* Comprehensive interactive displays and information about Aboriginal Australia , Koori Victoria , the Wathaurong and other Aboriginal Koori people from the local area incorporating culture and cultural traditions.
* Translations for International visitors will be available in.

* Displays of traditional tools/weapons, artefacts, hunting and gathering, cooking and shelter.
* A showcase how Aboriginal lived before European occupation.
* A series multi-media theatrettes display.
* A music and arts theatrette/How To Play Didgeridoo School.
* Mission Voices "life on Victorian Aboriginal Missions.
* A Koori Victorian Aboriginal Hall of Fame.
* Black Gold an Aboriginal perspective of the Ballarat Goldfields.
* Admission rates for Adults, Children free

2. Aboriginal Environmental Centre
* A unique landscaped "native" garden and environmental education centre on the banks of a pond and waterfall system showing the seven Aboriginal seasons of the region
* A series of multi-media theatrettes and nature displays.

3. School and Educational Cultural services/programs
* Educational programs for various groups, such as primary, secondary and tertiary school groups, business groups, special interest groups, tour companies and bus companies.
* Workbooks and activities that are tailored to the various group needs; and programs specifically aimed at cultural awareness
* Please Contact our Cultural Officer for further rates and details.
* Our School education kit available on line

4. Tours from 1 hr to full day
* We have a wide range of tour options for individuals families and International tour groups
* These tour packages from Melbourne can incorporate the Ballarat Wildlife Park Sovereign Hill and Aboriginal Sites of significance.
* Please Contact our Marketing Manager for further details.

5. Events/ functions
* By June 2005 we will have a multi-purpose theatre restaurant available for tour lunches , dinners and special events
* Please Contact our Marketing Manager for further details

6. Aboriginal dance performance

* The Centre has its own local Aboriginal dance performance group available for tour, groups, functions and events at the centre,Ballarat Regional Victoria,Melbourne and throughout the world.
* Please Contact our Marketing Manager for further details

(c) Ballarat Aboriginal Cultural Experience & Kirrit Barreet Aboriginal Art Gallery