Kirrit Barreet Aboriginal Art Gallery

Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery/Exhibitions

Aboriginal Gift/Bookshop

7. Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery/Exhibitions
* Exhibit high quality local and regional contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art and craft;
* Distinguished artists display art and craft; and
* Host travelling art exhibitions.
* Display artists in residence work;
* Artists conduct workshops;
* Artists interact with visitors to explain work; and
* Provide local artists with a working space.
* Check out our on line Art Gallery

8. Aboriginal Gift/Bookshop
* An international standard Aboriginal gift shop marketing high quality and authentic Boomerangs, Didgeridoos, Coolamons carvings, jewellery, bushtucker, Clothing, Fabrics
* A high quality Book Shop selling educational and informative books, CD Roms, Music
* Possum Club for Kids
* All products are for sale online

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