A place of creation


Following are examples of items available for purchase at Kirrit Barreet Aboriginal Art and Cultural Centre. Please contact us on 03 5332 2755 7days for more information or visit us to see the entire range available in our shop.
All profit from sales goes back to the centre and our ongoing training programs for local indigenous people.


Hand made cultural and artistic  irems including, boomerangs, clapsticks, digging sticks, emu callers.

Books and  CDs
We offer a complete range of Indigenous Australian Books and Victorian Indigenous books in our bookshop along with CDs and DVDs.

Our beautiful handcrafted didgeridoos make the prefect gift for practical or decorative use. Instruction booklets and DVDs available. Learn to play the didgeridoo lessons also available.
We stock a range of authentic gifts including jewellery, scarves, shirts, mugs, pens, bags and ceremics. All are authentic and the images are approved for use by the artists with proceeds going back to their communities.