Welcome from our Community Chairman
Edward (Ted) Lovett

After 40,000 years of development, the Ballarat and District Aboriginal Community in conjunction with the Victorian State Government /Arts Victoria and the Community Support Fund has created a world class Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Main Road Ballarat only one block from the award winning Sovereign Hill.

Dedicated to the Wathaurong traditional owners.
The Kulin land and its people was the work of the great ancestor spirit known as Bunjil, the eagle-hawk. Bunjil shaped all the natural features of this area.
The Kirrit Barreet Gallery complex is dedicated to Bunjil and the traditional owners/ancestors the Wathaurong tribal group, a language group of the Kulin nation and specifically the Keyeet/kureet clan of this country.

The gallery is named after Kirrit Barreet "a place of creation" (now known as Black Hill) near Ballarat one of the many important spiritual places in Victoria
Our Communities vision-going for "gold" in Ballarat

By the year 2006, the Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative will have established an internationally recognised and respected Aboriginal art, culture and tourism enterprise in Ballarat.

By creating a high quality, authentic, educational, entertaining and informative art and tourism enterprise, not only would our industry and customers needs be satisfied, but our community members and future generations would benefit from job opportunities, financial security and self determination, not only within our enterprise, but in the broader community.



1. The Needs NOW!

Australia needs to provide a greater depth and range of Aboriginal tourism product to meet the growing demand of international tourists who want to experience indigenous culture.

Research shows that 85 – 95% of international visitors wanted to experience Aboriginal Tourism.
(John Morse Ex CEO Australian Tourist Commission 2001, now chairman in Tourism Victoria)

2. The Answer 2001-2004

Research indicates that the Victoria and specifically Ballarat region could be a strategic place to experience Aboriginal Culture.

An Aboriginal Cultural and learning Centre would give Australians and the international visitor a complete, positive and holistic experience where they can learn, share and participate in Aboriginal art, foods and culture.

3. The Action 2005-2010

The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative in partnership with a wide range of regional, national and international stakeholders will commit capital and industry expertise to develop an Aboriginal cultural experience in Main Road Ballarat near the international famous Sovereign Hill that attracts over 500,000 visitors per annum

4. The Results 2005 and Beyond

By creating a high quality, authentic, educational, entertaining and tourism enterprise, not only would our industry and customers’ needs be satisfied, but also our region, community members and future generations of Aboriginal artists, performers, tour guides and staff will benefit from the success of this unique product.

To achieve these goals, the community will develop and operate two major tourism and cultural icons that will open in May - June 2005. We welcome the opportunity to share our unique culture with the world
Ted Lovett

(c) Ballarat Aboriginal Cultural Experience & Kirrit Barreet Aboriginal Art Gallery